Made in Great Britian

Sculptured rustic metal rose on a rusty iron stem

Sizes :  Life size rose on 6mm diameter x 1 metre metal stem.

Two types available :
Single headed & Double headed Rose

We can cut the rose stems to individual lengths if required.
Supplied :  rusty

Double rusty rose shown here

Single headed rusty rose   £ 12.00  Order Code DMI060S
Double headed rusty rose  £ 20.00  Order Code DMI060D
Delivery cost depends on quantity ordered, please phone

Post & Packing  
1 off   £ 8.00
2 off    £12.00                             3 off   £ 15.00

For more than 3 off please phone or e-mail for post & packing costs.

Single headed rustic metal rose on rusty iron stem
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