Very strong iron frames for peony support - Victorian / Regency style

Strong herbaceous Iron plant support rings

Victorian / Georgian style  

 Sizes : 
 Top ring diameter       49cm        ( 19 ¼ " )
 Middle ring diameter  46cm        ( 18 " )
 Bottom ring diameter 36cm        ( 17½ " )

 Overall Height          100cm        ( 39½ " )
 Height to top ring approx. 86cm ( 34 " )
 Height to bottom ring        46cm ( 9 ¾
" )

Supplied finished to your requirements
i.e.Natural ( rusty ), Painted,or Painted & distressed.
Our standard colours are Rusty,Light green,Light grey or Black



Large peony plant support

         Sizes :
         Top ring diameter   36cm ( 14¼ " ) diameter
         Bottom ring diameter 34cm ( 13½ " )
         Over all height   80cm ( 31½ " )
         Height to top ring approx. 65cm ( 25½ " )
Height to bottom ring        43cm ( 17" )      

Small peony plant support
All made from 10mm 3/8 " diameter solid iron bar

All made from 10mm ( 3/8 " ) diameter solid  bar

Large strong solid iron three ring peony plant support  1 Metre overall height
Small strong solid iron two ring peony plant support 80cm overall height
We can deliver a pair of peony supports ( 1 large + 1 small )
for a total of £ 20.00 carriage.
Common garden peony (Paeonia lactiflora) features big, luscious blooms set atop bushy foliage in spring. Their flowers are so big, in fact, that they often fall to the ground as rainwater makes them too heavy for their stems to support. Herbaceous peonies need physical support to keep their stems upright.

Supporting peonies keeps their flowers upright, ensuring their beauty can be enjoyed. Peonies allowed to fall to the ground are not only marred aesthetically, but are also susceptible to soil-borne disease. Keeping peony blooms and foliage up in the air increases circulation, minimizing fungal problems.
Small strong solid iron two ring peony plant support 80cm overall height
Made in Great Britian
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