Metal bird stake ( set of 3 ) with life size Robin or Bluetit

Rusty life size blackbird on Iron / metal stake

Two  life size painted butterflies on rusty stake
sways in the wind .

Decorative strong useful metal plant support stakes
Rustic stake with painted metal dove on top ( set of 3 )

Robin, bluetit, blackbird, woodpecker and dove stakes , butterflies and daisies that sway in the wind . 
These also make a wonderful and unusual gift for anyone that is interested in their garden.
All hand made in north Essex UK - PJH Designs



Life size rustic woodpecker  Iron / metal stake

If there is one item that is always useful in any garden its the plant stake and when they are as stunning as these they are simply irresistible .
Choose from our Robin. Bluetit, Blackbird, Woodpecker, Dove and flower designs.
Rustic Iron stake 1 metre ( 39
Dove plant stake dove painted & distressed on rusty 1mt long stake
Rusty woodpecker plant stake, tall and strong
Two metal painted butterflies on rusty thin pole sways gracefully in the wind
Rusty metal blackbird on strong 10mm dia. long stake ( 150cm ) tall
Made in Great Britian
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