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Stunning life size metal boxing hare profile sculptures, can be purchased as a single hare or a pair.


Metal profile sculpture of a large cherub mounted on a sphere and sqare base
4mm thick x 60cm x 69cm

Life size metal profile sculpture of a heron mounted on a metal circular base. 
Overall sizes : 56cm x 70cm

Realistic profiles of metal deers

DMI090B & DMI90F

Metal Profile sculpture 

Realistic profile of metal pig on metal stands


Metal Profile sculpture


Metal profile of a large unicorn mounted on a 10cm sphere and large square base.

We also have these hares in two smaller sizes

We also have a small piglet

We also have these cherubs in two smaller sizes

Metal profile of a life size pig ( painted & distressed )

 Metal Profile of standing stag

Stunning metal profile of a standing stag on sphere and stand.

DMI100S,100M & 100L

Realistic profile of a medium size metal stag laying down.


Metal Profile sculpture

We also have a miniature version

Metal profile of a standing stag ( made from 9 seperate pieces ) on sphere & stand
Medium size metal profile of a stag laying down
Decorative large metal items

4 sizes available

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Prowling fox ( order code DMI300 )


 Metal Profile of a prowling fox

Stunning metal profile of
a prowling fox on stand.

Metal profile of greyhound on stand


 Life size metal profiles of greyhounds

Stunning metal profiles of
Greyhounds on stands.

Large metal profile sculpture of cherub on decorative stand 60cm x 69cm
Extra large unicorn on stand
Life size metal profiles of boxing hares on stands


Metal profile of a large angel wings painted & distressed, wall mounted.

 or  DMI400S

Medium & large decorative metal Rocking horses painted & distressed.

 or  DMI420S

Extra large angel wings ( wall mounted ) painted & distressed
Made in Great Britian
Realistic metal profiles of a deer on stand ( 2 sizes available )
Life size painted & distressed heron on stand