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Fabricated 3D letters, flat metal lettering , house names,
 numbers and Plaques.

Extra large 'GARDEN' sign on a flat metal plate with a wrought iron frame.
33cm high x 153cm wide


Individual flat metal lettering and numbers, standard sizes available but any size can be made to order
We can supply 3D fabricated metal letters and  flat metal letters house names and numbers in any thickness or size.
If you have a special request all we need is a font type, sketch or photo to reproduce it in metal for you .
Colours & Finishes :  Most colours & finishes can be supplied on request or we can simply supply the lettering unfinished or rusty.
' LOVE ' lettering on a flat metal plaque
Painted & distressed
' HOME ' lettering on a flat metal plaque
Painted & distressed.
Individual fabricated 3D metal letters , standard size 70cm and 99cm high but any size can be made to order.
Love wall plaque
HOME wall plaque
' GARDEN ' lettering on a flat metal plaque
Painted & distressed.
Metal  lettering, numbers & plaques - PJH Designs
Fabricated 3D metal letters
Flat metal lettering
Extra large garden sign
Made in Great Britian

Metal shop signs in both flat & 3D lettering.

Flat & 3D fabricated metal shop signs
House signs,names & numbers
Metal house signs,names & numbers